Our First Time: An Erotica

When you showed up at the bar that Tuesday, we melted into one another like roux for risotto. I couldn’t grasp the reality which was that you hadn’t been there all along. Right there next to me by the apples at the grocery store. A few steps ahead of me on the ocean-side cliff-walk. Behind me, wrapping your arms around me the way an aromatic Scotch pine wraps its way around one’s senses upon entering a small house at Christmas time. It was New Year fireworks, shots of tequila, confetti and rainbow streamers. It was you and me, you and me in an Einstein c reality.

Limbs intertwined in the back of your home-on-wheels, you’d asked me if I’d done it before and I confessed to you that I hadn’t. When you asked if I wanted to, I dissolved into laughter. From the fire in your eyes, I knew you meant what you said and it awed me. I told you “yes” with a thrill of excitement; “Yes, I will do that with you.”

No one had ever wanted me in that way. A silly grin chiseled into my jaw like marble. We gazed into the depths of the other’s eyes; one soul smiling into another. Terror and bliss began bubbling inside of me. How wonderful I thought of it, to share this incredibly intimate first with you.

We giggled uncontrollably. Nervous for the first time, maybe. Maybe I was giggling about how sensitive my delicate skin was reacting to the clumsy caress of yours. No one had ever touched me there before. I had to control my breathing as your lubricated fingertips traced the edges of the crevice which was about to be explored.

“Maybe I should hit it from behind?” you suggested, and together we rolled around, out of control in a joyed and hysterical laughter.

Your mountain man hands grasped the circumference of my waist in near entirety, and flipped me over to my stomach effortlessly. The confident smirk and animalistic growl you shot at me sent a rush of blood to my lady bits and my ass up high in the air. As you positioned yourself behind me, I wiggled my body into a more accessible position. Not sure if you would slide in easily or not, I braced myself and took a deep breath. But you maneuvered yourself in without any difficulty. In-and-out, in-and-out, in-and I pushed you off of me, gasping for air, still cackling at the ticklish sensation moving down my body. A breath of lavender and sage-infused oxygen rushed into my lungs. I raised my right arm and rubbed beneath it in an attempt to calm the feverish goosebumps. The rubbing wiped away what was left of the lube and I smeared it into your sheets without you seeing. Mm, I was so glad I’d worn deodorant that day. A pleasant little “smellmento” (if you will) of our first armpit encounter.

Gabriella GaugerComment