About Gabi

“Gabriella Gauger, writer, producer, and traveler extraordinaire, was born into a life of upheaval and chaos — upheaval and chaos that she now reins and uses to power her self-crafted life of extreme movement and global connection. “ - Kristy Rock, Editor at Qween City.

Gabi runs an event promotion and production company with her father, Darren. With this company, they produces family-friendly and community-oriented music and arts events on their family’s property in Hannibal, NY: The “G” Lodge.

Gabi also works as the Operations Manager for the Midwest Queer Comedy Festival, which this year, takes place in Louisville. Kentucky.

In the warm summer months, Gabi can be found bouncing around in her trusty 95’ Chevy Van, Bessie, working at various music festivals and large scale events nationwide, filling a plethora of rolls. In the winter months, the only place to catch her would be here at GabiGoGos as she is likely off frolicking on a beach somewhere warm.

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Bessie, the 95’ Chevy

Gabriella Gauger: Intrepid Trekker

A Personality profile at Qween City

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“I can’t imagine wanting my life to be any other way than it is. Even with all the crazy shit.”