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January 9th, 2019 - Shelton, Washington

Today, I’m sitting in my dear friend, Brittany Chiasson’s kitchen, looking out the window at the beautifully tranquil Hammersley Inlet writing to you about the most incredible and fast-moving year of my life: 2018.

January 1st, 2018 I woke up to find myself in sunny San Diego. My lips were tired from kissing all of the beautiful humans the night before. The new year was bringing me electric love piled atop new opportunity and I had smiles for miles. But on the final day of 2018 I woke up feeling dumpy. Because everyone gets sad; even me. But instead of sulking in this rut, I wanted to take some time to talk about all of the things I’ve done, the places I’ve been and everything that I accomplished this year because honestly, it was the best year of my life.

This post is going to be a long one, so order yourself a pizza and strap in tight…

Love & butt touches, Gabi <3

December 17th, 2018 - Rochester, New York

Halló! (As they say in Iceland)

I returned from the great volcanic island just under a week ago and I haven’t slowed down in the slightest! If you’re interested in seeing photos from the trip, there are more than a handful of on my Instagram page @gabigogos. You can also view my brother’s photo album from the trip HERE and follow him on Instagram @iangauger.

NOW, A lot of people have hit me up, asking me for tips and help with budgeting, and I was going to do a big post on it but I really don’t feel like I was there long enough to cover enough ground to be able to give any credible advice. I will tell you all that the round trip ticket out of Toronto airport only cost $260 and our higher-end 4WD SUV only cost about $350 for the week. We needed this SUV, specifically, because it is winter time there right now and the roads get very icy, but if you’re planning to go in the summer time, you can get a more affordable economy vehicle but only if you book it very far in advance because of the heavy amount of tourism in the warmer months. Hostels run $20-$30 and the Blue Lagoon (which you really must go see), is very expensive, so be prepared for that. Going out to eat/drink is expensive - I can’t emphasize this enough, BUT the grocery stores are relatively affordable and all of the hostels have kitchens so if you’re trying to travel on a budget, just make your own food.

So, in place of a big post on traveling Iceland, I’m so very excited to present to you all,

As my dear friend Adrien D’Angelo got to learn yesterday, if you call me up at 7am talking some nonsense about rebranding the clown as “sexy,” I will 100% show up at your front door 5 hours later with a clown costume in hand. At the end of the day he told me, “I will never doubt you again.” I am really pleased with the way this photo shoot turned out, to the point that Adrian and I have decided to create a character series for Chloe and you can now follow her Instagram page @chloeclownsaround - so please give that a follow if it tickles your interest and expect to start seeing more of her.

I really hope y’all enjoy Chloe as much as I enjoyed creating her.

Love & butt touches, Gabi <3

December 7th, 2018 - Reykjavik, Iceland

It has been ages since I have been able to update this-here blog and it’s because I have been INSANELY busy. Since the last time that I wrote I wrapped up at the farm that I was working on in Oregon and I drove across the country back home to New York. And just to shake it up a bit, and because I sometimes think that I’m invisible, I threw in a spontaneous trip to Burlington, VT for a night to go see Wild Child. They’re an Austin-based, Indie band and currently playing in my head on repeat. Specifically their song, Expectations (shout-out to my girl Katie Mangiamele for coming with and stepping up to do some driving)

On the great journey east, I made a few stops along the way:

Night 0. Southern Oregon

Night 1. Salt Lake City, Utah for pizza and hot-tub wine with a cutie.

Night 2. Denver, Colorado for a RAD night out with friends at The Gothic Theater to see California Honeydrops (shout-out to Jonah Hurst for the birthday tickets!) These cats are a high-energy Oakland-based band that flirts with the blues, soul, and New Orleans; very danceable. Listen to them HERE

Night 3. Kansas City, Missouri. It was supposed to be a single gin martini at a jazz club Meghan Deponceau had suggested to me the night before called The Phoenix. That martini, of course, didn’t end there as I met some folks sitting by me at the bar. They bought me an IPA and pointed me down the road to another divey spot because I wan’t ready for bed when the lights came on. I wiggled into bar 2 for free because apparently I can sweet-talk a door man. I bought a beer I thought to be skunky upon further inspection which got me a free one and the skunky beer conversation made me some more new friends that fed me chicken wings, pitchers of cheap beer, shots of Jameson and sent me home with a cheeseburger. Night 3 is a night which I refer to as a success.

Night 4. Fort Wayne, Indiana. ‘Why Fort Wayne’ you want to know? BECAUSE MY HIGH SCHOOL BESTIE, Sarah Colletta lives there! So when I went to write her “let’s just keep it chill tonight, I’ve had a couple crazy ones the past few days,” she had beat me to the text message sending game and my phone pinged with something along the lines of “We’re hitting the town to night so be readyyyyyy” all cute and shit. FINE. I’VE DONE THIS BEFORE AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN. Ain’t my first rodeo. We went to a club called Flashbacks and boy was it ever. Every song I loved from childhood until the end of middle school graced those speakers and I shook my booty like it was middle school too. The night ended with me exhausting myself and deciding that the backseat of Sarah’s car in the parking lot was a suitable place for me to lay my head.

Night 5. Buffalo, New York. As I drove east on the 190, the lit skyline emerged against a navy night sky and brought a smile to my face; the smell of Cheerios wafted into my nostrils and I felt my chest warm with love. I was home. I had dinner at Mother’s, my favorite restaurant in Buffalo, with a darling of mine followed by a truly blurry Buffalo night-turned-to-morning. Some places really just remain a time-capsule in an ever-changing world. Buffalo is that for me.

Night 6. Burlington, Vermont. Because sometimes you just have to see that new band you just found out about and the only option is over 6 hours away. Listen to this song too, because it’s great and the music video is weird in a great way. Crazy Bird by Wild Child.

Night 7. Rochester, NY. Popped in to take my mom out to dinner for her 60th birthday. I slept in my van in the freezing cold even though there were thousands of warm beds indoors for me to sleep in, because when you love a girl named Bessie, sometimes she just wins.

Night 8. An airplane somewhere over the Atlantic. Because on this day 8, I boot-scooted my tush back to Buffalo to drop off my van and make my way up to Toronto, Ontario, Canada where my brother Ian and I caught a flight to where we are now: Reykjavik, Iceland.

Yesterday we visited the famous Blue Lagoon and got in-water massages that left me feeling like a grocery bag of goo. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermic spring filled with super-smoothing silica water. This spring isn’t as natural as the other hot springs I tend to visit but it is a hell of a lot nicer (and more expensive). But don’t worry, I’m not over here walking on water or anything, the hostel bed knocked some balance back into my body and this morning I awoke with a lower back which had suggested that the mattress was not actually made out of fabric and padding but rather some fallen logs and tree bark. Oh the joys of traveling…

Tomorrow we plan to travel north to do some sight-seeing and hopefully see the great Northern Lights!


Love & butt-touches, Gabi <3

P.s. Check out the JUST THE PICS section below for photo updates!

November 13th, 2018 - Southern Oregon, USA

I’m currently in southern rural Oregon working on a farm trying to stack some cash for my upcoming trip to ICELAND!

My brother Ian and I just bought our plane tickets yesterday and we leave for a 5-day trip to the great Land of Ice in about 3 weeks. I typically get pretty excited for a trip when I book it and then I pretty much forget about it until it’s time to pack. I’ve gotten pretty good at packing over the years, I typically just bring the same exact things. I have a stack of clothes that work pretty good anywhere, underwear, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, a journal... what more do you really need? BUT this time, we’re going somewhere cold. And I don’t usually DO the cold.

So WHY are we going to Iceland in the winter?

We’re going because my brother has vacation time from work that he needs to use, we’ve both always wanted to go anddd we’re hoping to see Aurora Borealis. THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS, the Northern Lights.

I’ve probably just jinxed us writing this but what the hell, we’ll see what happens!

Love & Butt-Touches, Gabi <3

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